Sliding Scale Guidelines for Clinic and Home visits in select zip codes

The Drop In Infant Feeding Clinic at The Well is every Monday 10 AM to 1 PM

The following are charts for you to review and identify your income level for your suggested donation amount.  Suggested donation amounts are for the Drop in Clinic only. Drop in Clinic clients are able to pay what ever they can or nothing and still get seen at the clinic.  Identifying income category is for future funding applications.  

For Sliding Scale Home Visits Identify the Category your income falls in (ex. A,B,C,D,E)  Sliding Scale Home visit pricing  by Category is as follows. 

  • A- 50
  • B- 70
  • C- 90
  • D- 110
  • E- 130 

unlike the drop in clinic the above fee is due at time of service. Sliding scale home visits are only available select times  Tues through Fri.  Please see my google appointments at scheduling 

Sliding scale home visits are only available to the following zip codes

  • 33781
  • 33701
  • 33705
  • 33711
  • 33712
  • 33713
  • 33777
  • 33782
  • 33709
  • 33702
  • 33714
  • I still continue to see families through out the Tampa Bay Area for 150 dollars for up to 3 hours and include one week follow up text and calls.  Sliding scale Home visits include only one follow up phone call or text exchange.  

Please Call or text with any questions